Message from the CEO and the Board Chair

We Love, We Hope, We Dream
John Deinhart President and Chief Executive Officer
Kelly McNamara Corley National Board Chair
Each year we have the honor to highlight the powerful impact of what you do through supporting the work of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH). This year, your impact is more profound than ever.
We are so grateful to be part of this NPH family with you, helping to care for vulnerable children--providing them with transformational love and hope. The challenges we face in serving more than 8,000 children, and families and communities across nine countries, have continued to increase. It’s likely no surprise that soaring inflation, civil unrest, and economic and social uncertainty have had a profound impact on the countries, communities, families, and children served by NPH.
All of these factors have taken an unprecedented toll on Haiti, where simple survival is now the daily goal. We hear, in the words of amazing women and men, the deep sadness and fear that confront Haitians every day.
Yet amid the daily challenge, hope is present. Like a flower that takes root even in the harshest environment.

Through the support of friends like you, NPH enables hope to take root in the life of every child. Our amazing local staffs – who can only be described as truly heroic--provide love and care for EACH INDIVIDUAL CHILD and, as a result, the children of NPH are resilient, hopeful, and full of love even amidst the most difficult circumstances.
Embracing the changing needs, laws, and regulations of the countries where we serve, NPH is expanding the work we do in reuniting and strengthening families, empowering young people, and preparing them to lead successful, independent lives.
With each individual child at the center, NPH leadership has honed its focus in three major areas: Protection, Prevention, and Preparation. What does this mean?
Knowing that every child deserves a secure, nurturing family, NPH homes provide a family environment for children when there are limited alternatives. We ensure that all children have the love and support they need – such as nutrition, education, health care, and counseling--so they can grow to their fullest selves.
Impacting the root cause of family separation, NPH invests in family and community strengthening, always putting the best interest of the child first. Extreme care is taken to safely and successfully help reunite children with their biological families, whenever possible. NPH also provides vital “wraparound” services, such as nutrition support, daycare services, educational scholarships, and empowerment programs.
Helping prepare children for independence, NPH guides adolescents and young adults to meet their futures through vocational training, university education, career and leadership training, and support for independent living.
Across all our programs, NPH promises security, education, health and wellness, empowerment, and independence. NPH is also investing in new ways to serve our children-- ensuring each child has the opportunity and the tools to become the fullest version of themselves.
New and expanded programs, such as Chicas Poderosas (“powerful girls”), Hombres de Honor (“men of honor”), workforce preparedness programs, and local and corporate partnerships help ensure successful transitions and futures for these youth. You help us provide amazing opportunities for children to thrive, to break free from the cycle of poverty, and to become leaders in their communities.
None of this would be possible without you.
Through your support, their dreams are realized. Through your love, their hearts are lifted to reach their fullest potential.
Our deepest thanks to you for everything you do for the children.
John Deinhart
President and CEO
Kelly McNamara Corley
National Board Chair